Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday Fun, Pioneer Woman, and New Friends

I am so excited to share about my about my adventure yesterday.  My dear sweet friend Cathy took me all the way to Orlando, for those who don't know that is about 2hours away from home in good traffic.  To stand in line for 4 hours to have my Pioneer Woman Cooks,

cookbook signed by Ree Drummond herself!!!!

Here she is coming into the Barnes and Nobel around 5:50pm.  We got there around 5:30ish and the place was PACKED!!! There were tons of people ups stairs where she was to do the Q&A and the signing.  These pictures do not do it justice on the amount of people that were there.
This is a small amount of people upstairs that you could see from WAY down on the first floor where we were. There were about 100 people in front of us on the 1st floor and about a 100 people behind us.  So you can imagine how many where on the 2nd floor what 300-400?  After she did her Q&A she sat to sign and they let her sign everyone on the 2nd floor before they even started letting people up stairs again.  Then they only did that in 10 people increments. Here is what it looked like when we were looking down from the 2nd floor to all the people still waiting.  Oh by the way this was 4 hours into us being there.

We got upstairs around 9:15pm and had our signed by 9:30pm All those people still had to wait to get upstairs, oh and they weave in and out of the book isle. 

We met a lot of nice people while we were in line, and after you stand in line w/ the same people for 4hours start to feel like you have known them forever.  Here are the wonderful ladies we met while waiting.

From left to right: Of course there is Cathy, my wonderful friend who worked all day from 6am, got off at 2:45 came home changed clothes and drove me to Orlando for this book signing! Did I mention we did not get home till 11:30pm.  Next is Dana, she was such a funny lady, did you know that there is a national pizza throwing group and a national yo yo champion.  Well her two boys are in both!  Check out her blog at Moon Pie in the Sky, she also makes the cutest cupcakes. Then there was sweet Cecilia, Miss Coupon Queen.  She was full of great ideas for deals and coupons.  I was so excited to get home and look up her web site. Check it out Live Love Coupons. Next is precious Jennifer with her sweet little 5 week old daughter.  Jennifer has a wonderful husband and 6 year old son who hung out the whole 4 hours while we waited.  I have so enjoyed learning more about Jennifer on her blog The Three of Us Very inspirational woman.

All the waiting for 4 hours for this......

Most of all this...

She even wished me a Happy Birthday!  Ree (Pioneer Woman) was so sweet and funny just like in her writings of her blog and her book.  

I am very thankful for a wonderful Birthday Adventure that Cathy blessed me with.

More random pics below.... 


Lil' Momma


  1. What an awesome birthday present!

  2. We did have fun didn't we?? I am such a photo-taker, but somehow was just worn down by the time we made it up the stairs I didn't take take but a few! So happy to have new blog friends :)

  3. well hey there!! it was so fun meeting you and cathy as well. even if i was standing around in high heels for hours and running back and forth to feed my daughter! :) speaking of my girl, she cried all the way home that night. she was pretty upset about me meeting pw. :) thanks for stopping by my little blog and for your sweet comment. tell cathy i said hey and keep in touch. jen


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