Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4, 1993 to July 4, 2013

Today is our 20th Wedding Anniversary, yes we were married on the 4th of July!! I thought I would share with you the love story of how two highschool sweet hearts made it to their wedding day. 

In 1990, I moved to to a new city and started a new school this was my sophomore year of high school.  (When I was in middle and high school I played the trumpet and french horn.)  I walked into the band room at my new high school to get settled in, next I walked out the side door where there was a metal rail at the edge of this small over hang where the drummers would practice drumming, cause it sounded really cool on that rail the click click clicking of the drum sticks.  That was the first time I saw J.  He was standing there drumming away on this rail wearing a navy plaid shirt and dark (tight) blue jeans and cowboy boots.  It was love at first sight for me!  I knew right then that I just had to get to know this guy.   Come to find out my section leader R was J's best friend.  I asked R to introduce me to J.  From there on out I did all I could do to get to know J.  It took a while for me pushing before J realized I was interested.  One weekend we went to Cape Coral for a band competition.  J was not allowed to sit on the bus with the rest of the seniors (I had lucked out and gotten a seat on that bus)  cause of a bad choice he made at a football game.  So I went to him, he barely knowing who I was, told him that I would switch from bus 3 to bus 1 where he HAD to be IF he sat w/ me.  That way he would have a friend on that bus.  J seemed happy about that idea, said okay if you want.  So the day came to leave and I get on that bus and J had sat w/ another girl! I was mad and made a big stink about it.  He ended up sitting with me! We won that competition and we also got to know each other on that long bus ride.  J asked me to be his girl on Nov 9, 1990. 

We dated all through out his senior year, then he moved away for a few months, during my junior year.  Oh the pain that was.  This was before cell phones w/ free long distance or even computers email accounts.  I did not even have a computer in my home at that time.  We lived for our Sunday evening phone calls.  Needless to say he moved back, got one of many jobs, the summer before my senior year J asked me to marry him.  We wanted to get married Nov 9, 1992. But that was before I graduated high school.  My parents agreed but said that WE would have to pay for the whole wedding. Well that was the down fall to that idea.  (The wisdom of my parents, got to love them)

So we chose July 4, 1993 for our wedding date. I then spent my senior year planning our wedding.  Very small, hot wedding.  J and I paid for the whole wedding except the food, my parents paid for that.  Here is an interesting time line.

I got my drivers licence in April.
I turned 18 in May.
I graduated in June.
Got married in July.

Our wedding was outside garden in Clearwater and was very hot, also the day of our wedding J had a 102 fever and was sick (he was sick for 2 days after our wedding so it was not just nerves).

We  became Mr and Mrs.

2 years into our marriage we moved to PA for 9 months and then returned to FL.
5 years into our marriage we purchased our first home.
5/6 years into our marriage we where blessed with the pregnancy and birth of our first son. (99)
13 years into our marriage we where blessed with the pregnancy and birth of our daughter.(07)
14 years into our marriage we where surprised and blessed with the pregnancy and birth of our second son (08)
18 years into our marriage life started to really through us some ups and downs.
20 years into our marriage we are still going through those ups and downs, but we are doing it together. We celebrated with my parents as they celebrated 40 years. We also morn my Daddy as he went home to be with the Lord.

It has been a busy long 20 years. There are not many people who can say they have been married 20 years.  I can say it has not been a perfect marriage but then what marriage is perfect.

Happy 20th Anniversary! 

Lil' Momma

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