Monday, August 16, 2010

Homeschool Support

I love that there are so many different places to get support as a homeschooler.  I recommend you getting plugged into a local group.  I am a member of the
Pinellas Parent Educators Association 

But if you don't have a local group, then I highly recommend  you find a online parent community online.  There are many out there.  I recommend you find one that is tailored toward your homeschool style or curriculum, better yet one that is tailored to both. 

I belong to a few different homeschool online parent communities better known as forums.  My favorite is the Time4Learning Parent Community and Forum.

Time4Learning Home

I love that there are different forums for different things instead of just all being about Time4Learning.  They have a general homeschooling, work at home parents, special needs children, they even have a group for each state.  That way you can learn about opportunities that are avaliable in your state. You can find out all about these things on their home page.  

Since I am talking about Time4Learning;
I want to share that if you are using Time4Learning you can write a curriculum review, share it with them and you can get paid to write it. How cool is that!!!

Lil' Momma

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  1. So glad to connect with you via PPEA! I will mark your blog in my google reader & hope to meet you in person this Fall :)


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