Friday, September 3, 2010

Five Question Friday 9/3/2010

This weeks questions are.... 

1. What do you do when you have time to yourself?
What is time to myself?  Not sure I understand the question.  Just kidding, I don't get much time to myself.  Shower by myself w/o a child in the bathroom with me or crying outside my door is on my top ways of spending time by myself.  See it is 12:26am and I am still not alone, I have a little boy who woke up sitting next to me.  I will get all the alone time I need when they grow up and move out, Right????

2. When you look out your kitchen window, what do you see?

Oh this is a sad answer.  The view outside my kitchen window over my sink is a wooden fence.  That is it. Nothing else!  But if I turn to the right there is another window that looks out in my back yard, I can see the kids playing!  So this answer is not all sad.  

3. Who/What would you want to be reincarnated as?

I don't want to be anything. Cause I will be sitting at my Lords feet right next to Jesus.  Wow that is even better to think about then who/what I might be reincarnated with, but what will it be like in heaven!!! 

4. What is your biggest pet peeve about other people's kids?
Oh it drives me nuts when other people's kids say huuuhh or wha or yeah.  That just bugs me.  How hard it is for a child to say yes or yes ma'am. 

5. Regular or Diet soda?
I am a diet coke w/ lime girl.  If you have never tried it, you don't know what you are missing.  

Lil' Momma


  1. Hey stopping by from 5Qf. You could hang something pretty on that fence. I hear you about the alone time.

  2. I absolutely love your answer to #3 =)

    Have a great weekend!


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