Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Childrens Museum

This past Monday, we were able to go to a new...

 We were lucky to get in for the school price. The best part is they looked at each  homeschool family as a class and Mom being the Teacher.
Teachers got in Free.  
This is a wonderful thing as most places will not give that kind of discount. 

The museum was great for the kids.  They really enjoyed it, if there is ever another homeschool trip we will go back but I just can't imagine going at the regular price. I have a cold and only had the energy to keep up with them with the littles for a few hours.  

This was a tug boat that made all kinds of sound that Honey kept going back to.  She could honk the horn, play music and so much more. She LOVED it.  Also it has a big S on the side we thought that was pretty cool.  (S is the first letter in Honey's real name)

There is this real cool climbing thing.  I did not get a pic of the whole thing but Biggun really liked it.  It took you from the first floor to the second. 
 Moose found the tools and was trying to fix this crane that Biggun was using.

They danced to music w/ light going. (Yes, Honey wore boots w/ shorts girl has her own style.)

That is my Biggun.  He had so much fun with this one. 

They prepared pretend pizza

They pretended to be vet's

Moose was a fireman. Boy did he enjoy driving but did not want to share with others. He left the firetruck kicking and screaming and we went to the Mini Publix.
While Honey shopped and shopped and shopped.
Moose just cried and cried he wanted to go back to the fire truck.
We moved on and found this great find. Moose was in heaven...

All these cars and bridges to drive over!!!
We moved on to the Water Canal area.
Here is a view from the stairs.
But again poor Moose got upset.  He just could not understand why he could not take off his shirt. 
When he finally let go of the idea and just got wet he had fun.
The kids had a blast. There is so much more then what I shared in pictures.

Lil' Momma

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  1. That was very nice of them to do the FREE teacher discount.It looks like you all had some fun time!!!!I personally wish that all places would look at homeschoolers the same as a school.


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