Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Birthday for Jesus 2010

This year there has been sickness in our house for the past week. First Honey had it, then it moved to Moose and on to me. (not happy) This really has put a yuck in my holiday planning and cooking.  I have no energy to do anything but for my kids sake, I keep going.

Here is our simple version of this years Birthday for Jesus.  (to get the full recipe check out this post.)

This year I took some premade cookie dough and put it in a small 9x11 pan and cooked it into a bar.  Then we laid it out and the kids went to town.  We talked while they decorated.

Today we are going to make a birthday cookiecake for Jesus.  Over the cake and between the layers goes a fluffy white icing to show how God’s love binds all God’s creatures to each other and to Him. 

The colored M&M's symbolize the different colors of God’s people. On the top 
goes a sprinkle of green M&M's to remind of us life God gives. On the top also goes the red M&M's that remind us of the blood that will be shed for our lives.  In the center we will place the manger bed for baby Jesus, along w/ the angel that watches over baby Jesus. 

 Here is a candle. We don’t put the candle on the cake because God has no age to be counted, but we have it near to remind us that Christ is the Light of the world!

  All sing Happy Birthday dear Jesus with candles lit.

Here are some of the out takes from the decorating...

 Front view was the work of Biggun.

This view was Honey's work.

The view was Moose's work.

Lil' Momma

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