Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowman Display

My friend Aunt C. sent me this great blog post about snowmen ornaments. I did not have the funds to go out and get the mini canvas's so called a wood working friend of mine Mr. JS. and asked him sweetly if he had any scraps.  His response was but of course what size do you need and how many.  

He cut me some pieces and we got to work...

First we painted

Ok some of us painted the table more then the blocks of wood. 
Let the wood pieces dry then painted the finger prints. 

Each child did their own little block, except Aunt C ( who had shared the idea with us) asked we make her one with the kids fingers on one piece of wood.  Then we added the details. 

This is the solid piece of wood that Aunt C asked for.

Here they are on their own piece of wood.  
Now ready to display somewhere in the house.  
Aren't they just the cutest!


I totally forgot to share that I linked up w/ Not JUST a Housewife to share this cute craft.
Stop by her blog and see all the other great crafts.

Lil' Momma


  1. These are so cute. I will try to remember to do this with my grandson next year. He is helping me type this right now.

  2. these are a wonderful idea. My little guy is old enough to do these next year. Awesome!

  3. I absolutely love mine!!! Came out soooo cute!!! Aunt C

  4. What a fun kid craft! Thanks for linking it up :)


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