Monday, January 17, 2011

Social Studies Assignment

This past week Biggun had a Social Studies Assignment that I want to share with you.  He was doing a unit on Lewis and Clark.  In this unit it asked him to write in his journal/notebook a letter.  He had a choice to write a letter to Lewis or Clark, write a letter back home, or write a letter to Susquehanna.  Normally this would be a major fight for this type of assignment and then he would end up not writing anything that was worth anything... 

But he chose to write a letter back home, to his wife. 

Dear Beth

We have found the Native Americans.  They are nice.  They have a cure to poison ivy. I am sending some to you, just in case the kids need it.  I hope the kids are being good for you.  I am sending some presents for you, TJ and Jane.  TJ is getting a knife, Jane is getting a doll and for you a fox fur. 

Your Love,

I know it is short but this is a big accomplishment for my son who hates to write and is not a fan of reading.  Normally he could come up w/ this type of letter if he were to dictate it to me but he did not dictate this me, he wrote it out in his note book.  I wish you could see the signature.  He really went fancy on signing Your Love, His Name.  
One more reason I love to homeschool we do not have to teach to any state standardize testing.  This would be bad for our family; in that my son struggles in this area and he would not do well in that area of testing and would be behind.  But I can see him catching up slowly.  Love to homeschool!!!

I am very proud of him.  He did a great job! 

Maybe we will start to look into essay writing?  

Lil' Momma

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