Saturday, March 19, 2011

Biggun and Reading Glasses

A few days ago I shared that Biggun got reading glasses.  Doesn't he look handsome when he wears them? I think so!

He came to me and asked, yes I typed ASKED, if there where books about homeschoolers.   Like books were the characters where homeschooled like him.

Mmmmm I think I know just the right place to go to find that out.  We went to

This site has a ton of books that have characters who are also homeschool. To add to it there are books that where written BY homeschoolers!  Some of these authors are kids Bigguns age.  How neat is that.  

Did you guys know that the kid who wrote Eragon was homeschooled?  He sure was!!!

We went through a few links of books written by homeschoolers and found this one called 

This one sounds really interesting and Biggun wants to read it too. Yes I said WANTS TO READ IT!
  I love that this site gave some extra "lessons" to possibly do with Biggun. 

 Map Skills
Vocabulary Skills 
Writing Extensions
They don't have this for all the books but this was a great extra for this book. 

Oh I can use to create a few vocabulary games to go along with this book.  

Now to go check it out from the library.
I am thinking we will be using this site more often, specially if Biggun is asking for books!! This is a wonderful blessing, we should have done the glasses thing a long time ago.

Lil' Momma

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  1. But he just might not have been developmentally ready for that. So glasses earlier might not have had the same effect. Don't second guess yourself. Just be glad!!!!


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