Monday, August 8, 2011

Strange wording in a Preschool Book.

This Sunday I worked the after care in the 3-5 year old class. After they played with toys, we played games,  had a snack, we read a book.

I am sharing this because I was surprised at what I was reading.  Not in a bad way surprised just found it strange.  We read two books on Mannars.  Good topic, right?  I thought so that was why I chose them off the book self in the room.

Here is one of the books I read. 

It was a nice book to read, really it was. The thing that surprised me was that it used contractions in a main story line that was repeated at least 4 times in the book.  It bothered me so much I ended up using the whole words when reading the book instead of the contraction.  

I know there is a time and place for kids to learn about contractions.  There are even contraction games out there.  But in a preschool book??? That is what surprised me. To read words like isn't and can't sorta sound strange in a preschool book. Why not use the compound word 'cannot' instead or the whole words 'is not.' This is the age where children are learning to speak properly and even starting to notice words.  It was just strange to me that there were so many contractions in one preschool book.  Or should I say two preschool books.  The other book was another book in the series called Please! Thank You!.

Lil' Momma

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