Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How do You learn teach Sight Words?

Every child needs to learn Sight Words.  These are words that don't actually go with any phonetic rule.  Another words these words can not be sounded out like most words can.  They are words you learn by memorizing them.  There is around 220 of these words. Most kids learn these words in the first two years of school.  For my son it took us a little longer.  But then anything dealing with reading has taken a little bit longer to learn.  We used a phonics and sight word curriculum online. This helped him to move learn them in a fun atmosphere.

One of the ways we practiced the sight words was going to the Dolch Word list. From this list we were able to play games online like flash cards, match it sentences, and hang mouse. The list of games go on and on.  Here is a link to just one set of games available for the
Dolch Noun Words List 4 of 4 

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