Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sock Bun Curles

Many of you follow

For a few days she teased people talking about Sock Bun Curls.  Then she finally posted a video of how to do it.


I jumped right on this.  I had never seen it done.  I have not tried it on Honey yet, she is not big on anything in her hair.  BUT I did do it to my own hair. Wow, I love the look.  Here are some pictures on how my hair turned out. 

The night before...

The next morning...

Love the look it gives my hair.  Add a little scrunch spray to keep the curl from falling out. 

Sorry about the pics they where from my phone so not so clear.

Lil' Momma

1 comment:

  1. So cute! I tried it on my little sister, her hair is really really thick, so it did not do so well. I think Im gonna try it again and do hers in 2 sections!


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