Tuesday, October 4, 2011


When I say signatures I don't mean blog or email signatures I mean the good old fashion hand written signatures. Do your teens know how to sign their name in cursive or do they have a signature of any kind?

This past week I took a friend of mines 15 year old son to cash his paycheck.  When I noticed he signed his name in print.  When I asked him why he signed it that way he said he does not know how to write in cursive so he never learned how to sign his name in cursive and has never developed a signature.

This got me to thinking, does my own son know how to sign his name in cursive? As I think about it, we have done some cursive but on his spelling words through handwriting worksheets. I have always wanted Biggun to be able to read cursive if he ever needed too. I know in todays world our kids need to be able to type but write cursive, not so much.

I wonder what the homeschool statistics are on cursive writing? Not sure if there is a statistic on that, but do you teach your children cursive handwriting? Do you teach your child the importance of a personal signature?

Lil' Momma

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