Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ABC's of Homeschooling - Letter E

E is for Eraser.

As I was typing up this blog, I asked my son (12) what did E stand for to him. He came up with Eraser.  An Eraser is any students best friend. Almost as much as the back button or delete button is on the computer.  We go through erasers in our house very fast. Not saying we are full of mistakes but well we are full of mistakes.  Without mistakes we would not learn.  You know that old saying
"Learn from our Mistakes"

Today our two main mistakes where in math and writing.  I guess in math I need to do review problems with my son because for some reason he kept getting

wrong.  He kept arguing w/ me on moving the the numbers over when you multiplied.


He would not add that second 0 to 2700.  that moved the 270 over a spot.  Like I said he erased and erased and erased.  We will be doing some extra review on this type of math problem, maybe even throw in some math games.  Cause the further we get into our pre-algebra the more he needs to NOT forget this stuff.

The second reason for the eraser today was compound words.  He kept trying to write words separate instead of together in a compound word the way they are supposed to go.  Silly boy we erased over and over today.

In talking about an eraser with my 12 year old son today he reminded me that Jesus is like an eraser too.  He died on the cross to erase our sins.  Love that boy!!! 

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  1. Math and writing are two subjects that I have my daughters use pencils with as well. They have certain pencils they like - BECAUSE of the erasers on them. There are some that work better than others...and that makes a huge difference to them when they need to erase their work and begin again.

  2. We burn through the erasers that come on the pencils fairly quickly, so I always buy a couple packages of the cap erasers when all the school supplies are on sale in the summer time. I still have my boys do all of their school work in pencil, so they CAN erase if needed. And it's usually needed. :)
    ~Dawn @ TheMommaKnows.com

  3. There are always lots of pencils -- with no lead and no erasers!!! I don't know how we get school work done at all! :-)

  4. Honestly, while I was reading your post, I nodded as I remembered similar times with DD12 and her forgetting to move things in math or adding instead of multiplying. Then, I read the last paragraph. Remembering how to multiply will come, but he already knows the basics. Great job!


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