Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ABC's of Homeschooling -- K

KIDS, KIDS, and more KIDS

Well when you think of the letter "K" and homeschooling you sorta think of KIDS! Right?  I do. I have 3 great kids. Don't let me kid you they are normal kids that drive me batty on a regular basis, almost daily. But each of one of my kids are special in their own way.

Kid 1 - Biggun - 12 years old.

He is my oldest and in the pre-teen years. In between still wanting to play the younger toys like sword fighting and lego's to wanting to hang with the older kids in youth cause you know they are cool.  He is very good w/ his 8 month old puppy. But not so good at his other chores. He will do the minimum it takes to get his school work done and will not even think of doing any extra.  He is not a big reader, but will LISTEN for hours to a book on CD or MP3, specially if they are books by homeschoolers.

Kid 2 - Honey - 4 years old

She is my only girl. My middle child. My princess/diva in training. She has a very strong opinion on what she likes or does not to wear.  She loves vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and most salads.  She has not shown much interest in schooling yet. Other then play schooling. We are still trying to figure out all the aspects on how she will be learning to read. She gets attached to one toy and plays with it for a few weeks before moving on to a new toy.

Kid 3 - Moose - 3 years old

He is my baby! He is my independent but still wants mommy close by boy. Has no interest and I mean NO interest in potty training.  He would rather be playing in a pile of dirt. He loves to watch lawn mowers or any lawn equipment for that matter from a distance but is scared of the sound of them up close. He will watch them for long stretches of time, too. He likes Iron Man and Spider Man but not a fan of Superman or Batman. He is my meat eater and will not even look at a veggie.

So those are my KIDS! One of the best words I can come up for the letter K. Now it is your turn. Stop on over to themommaknows.com and share what K means to you.

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Lil' Momma


  1. I love the descriptions of each of your children! :-) Our girl is amongst all brothers, as well, and she, too, is outspoken and our little "princess."

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family!
    Many blessings,

  2. While they may drive you batty at times, it is obvious that you are proud of them as well! Great to meet your kids!

    When I first got to your post, the title kids, kids, kids made me think of the Grinch and how he said, "All that noise, noise, noise." Had to share my little giggle... :-)


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