Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Wrap Up!

Christmas has come and gone.  How did ours go. Pretty good and I hope that your's went good also.

Here is our Christmas in pictures.

Making Christmas Cards

Making Birthday Cake for Jesus, we changed up the story a little this year. 

Multi color swirls to represent all the DIFFERENT people in the world. 

White icing to represent how pure Jesus is. 
Kisses to represent the love that God has for all of us that he sent his son.

The candle that is lit and never blown out like the love that God has for us will NEVER fail. 

On Christmas Day there was Christmas at church where the kids had a party in children's church. 
We had a wonderful sermon, I will share some of that in a different post.

When we got home we finally let the kids open gifts. 

Top Gift pictures are below...

This was the face of, "You had me clean my room and make room for a stool?"

Only to find out later on in the day when Aunt C and J came over that this was the true reason for making room in his room.

Honey asked for a PINK guitar, here is what she got! Thanks Nana you did a great job on this find.

One of Mooses many favorite toys.

I got the cutest bee slippers!!! LOVE THEM! 

There are so many pictures in my Christmas 2011 file that I can't post them all.  I hope your Christmas Wrap Up was just as wonderful as mine. Blessings to all.

Lil' Momma

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