Tuesday, December 13, 2011

School, Break, or Review

Are you doing school, taking a break or reviewing?

Hard to think of school when the holiday's are here. Which seem to be the norm in our house. We get to this time of year and school slows way down. Usually it is Christmas Schooling but this year it has been crafts and holiday books are the way we seem to go. With a little of interest led learning thrown in for good measure.

I have some friends that take this time of year as a time to review. What better place to review your spelling then on spellingcity.com and use their popular word list to help make your life easier. No typing up word list just go to that page and use one of those great list to review. Is your child going to be taking the SAT test in the spring? There are even SAT word lists to use for reviewing.

For us we will keep trying to make it through this holiday season. What are you doing?

Lil' Momma

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