Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ABC's of Homeschooling -- N

This weeks letter is "N" 

 "N" is for Noise. 

My house is always NOISY.  Between the littles playing and well fighting, too. Moose screams like a girl and Honey whines very loudly.  Biggun on the computer doing his school work, playing math games or playing mindcraft. Oh, then there is when Biggun is practicing his bass guitar. 

The TV is always on in our house even if it is on the news channel or on PBS it seems it is always on.

Did I mention the NOISE the dogs make, too. Yes I said dogs as in plural! We have 2 dogs. When one barks the other barks too. 

Add the phone ringing and the fax machine going off for my husbands work.  It is always NOISY in my house.  People wonder why I stay up so late at night, after the kids go to bed. It is because that is the only time that this house is NOT NOISY! 

But wait as I sit here writing this blog I realize it is not really my house that is NOISY but my family is NOISY.  We can't go on a walk with the littles in their jogging strollers with out them making NOISES (I don't mean talking I mean NOISES like barking and squealing) 

This is also the reason why my son, Biggun, gets up early before everyone else and does his school work. For the quiet. Sometimes we can do roadschooling and still deal with the NOISE it just depends on where we are going. 

Stop by to find out what others say about the letter N. 

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Lil Momma Strouse


  1. I enjoy the mornings too when it is quiet and everyone is asleep. A lot can be done when it's quiet and you can concentrate.

    I was surprised at how much soft, subtle noise a house can produce. When our electricity has gone off, it seems suddenly - almost eerily - silent.

  2. My family is noisy, too. I generally call it "loud" in my mind. All our floors are hard. We have high ceilings. It is "loud" with loud me and my loud children. (My husband, bless his heart, is a quiet man.) None of the children got that characteristic from their dad. They followed me. They are loud.

    It is so loud around here that we talked about buying sound buffers for the walls to try to lower the noise volume. lol.

    I am glad to hear that we aren't the only noisy family. Sometimes I think all other homeschoolers are a quiet bunch, except for me and my kids. :)

  3. In a side note, I convinced my husband that we needed a third child by saying, "Maybe this one will be the quiet one." lol.

  4. Crafty Cristy - My house has terazzo floors and only a few area rugs so that makes it even louder too. I don't know any homeschool family with more then one child that is quiet. If that helps!


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