Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chicken Adventures - Education

You read the title right. Chicken Adventures! I am starting a series here of our adventures in getting chickens.
I am starting my homework on what is needed to get a few chickens.  I am excited at the idea of getting some chickens. But scared that I will kill them all before they ever get to be old enough to lay eggs. It is a great homeschool curriculum addition too. Not that it would help much with any homeschool standardize testing we might do but it will be educational.  I am trying to read everything I can and ask as many questions as I can.  I am very blessed to have a good friend, Ms. Betty, close by who has answered all of my questions as they have come up she also has a GREAT blog, Little Farm in the Big City.

Little Farm in the Big City

I recommend you stop by her blog, she talkes about everything from gardening, canning, sewing, and farming.  All while she lives in the city and not on acres of land. 

I have purchased two books 


Both books are chalk full of great information and both where recommended by Ms. Betty @ Little Farm in the Big City.  

I think I have decided to go with a Rhode Island Red chicken. They are good layers and are not spooked as easily as other chickens. 

I need to order a few chics this from our local feed supply place, soon.

Next we will be talking about chics and brooding. 

Lil Momma Strouse


  1. Just stopped by to read this. I am in the process of doing the same thing, maybe this spring. I found a neat Idea call a "chicken tunnel". I will link it bellow. I also look forward to seeing your future posts. http://theredeemedgardener.blogspot.com/2012/01/chicken-tunnel-in-garden.html

  2. Looking forward to following your chicken adventures! Maybe we will start our own chicken adventure! Also loved the link that was posted regarding th "chicken tunnel". Does Little Farm in the Big City do this type of thing as well?

  3. Hi cmslaughter! I'm Betty from Little Farm in the Big City and yep, we do something similar. The unit is more commonly called a chicken tractor and is great for letting your chickens scratch and forage without having them devour the whole garden, which they will do if given the chance!

    Ours is made out of PVC pipe and bird netting and measure 5-feet by 10-feet. When we're in between plantings, we put the tractor over an empty area and let the chickens clean up the weeds, turn the soil, and leave a little fertilizer behind.

    We use the bird netting because the mesh is small so the hens can't snag nearby plants, and it's lightweight, making the unit easier to move around.

    I hope this helps! And good luck with your chickens!

  4. Hi Betty!
    I've been reading your blog and all that you do! Pretty amazing. It's all been very helpful, and just proves that we really did not know anything about chickens. We still have a lot of homework to do! Thank you! Char


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