Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Starting a Blog

Someone asked me the other day what it was like to start a blog?

When I responded with what do you mean? Her questions got more detailed, like...

  1. Why did you start a blog?
  2. What do you write about?
  3. Where did you think of your title?
  4. Who do you write to?
  5. Why do you not use real names?
Her list of questions just kept going.  Here are some of my answers to what she asked...

  1. Originally I started my blog to keep a record of what my kids did as they grew and so family might be able to see from a far.  Now I keep my blog more as a hobby. A way to share my thoughts.
  2. I write about anything and everything that pertains to my life. Homeschool, Kids, God, Friends, Work, Life and anything else that works for me.
  3. My original title was Strouse Academy when it was just about schooling. But as have grown and my blogging has grown I wanted my blog so show how we are growing. Thus Five in Training for HIM came about.
  4. I write to ME! If others read, like and comment on it, GREAT! But the main reason is for me like an open diary.
  5. The reason we do not use real names came about when I first started blogging. My son was small and that was a request of my husbands. Do not use the kids real names. So we have not. 
I shared with my friend that I took a free blog writing course a while ago and that did help.  I need finish up the other blog writing course I started.  Maybe that would help improve my blog and get some more followers???

So if you are looking to start a blog or just starting take it slow and enjoy the journey! If you have blogged a while and read this blog please leave a comment sharing your tips for a new blogger. 

Lil' Momma

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