Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ABC's of Homeschooling -- O & P

I missed last week for "O" so I will do both "O" and "P" this week.

O is for Online homeschooling. There are so many different things you can do online. From online math to online writing classes. We have used time4learning.com as in our school in some way or another over the past many years. Right now we are using it for online science. Biggun really loves it. We will be using it for learning to read w/ Honey next year.

P is for Patience.  That is what my children have needed to have with me the past year or so.  Usually it is the other way around, right? The mom needs to have patience with their child.  But this past year my children have had to deal with me and my migraines. Needing to go lay down and being grumpy with  them among other things. Patience is a very hard for children. But some how they have done a pretty good job at it. Biggun my oldest has been wonderful with helping with the littles.

That is my O and P this week. Thanks for stopping by. Join me and share what your ABC's of Homeschooling are over at The Momma Knows.

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Lil Momma Strouse


  1. Will have to check out your online learning links. Sounds like they are enjoyable while teaching something worthwhile to kids.

  2. We love online learning. We have used Time4Learning before too, and I wish I could keep a subscription going all the time because I'd love to use it a lot. We do have a membership to SpellingCity, and LOVE THAT. Lots of other great things online too, but those are by far the best. :) And Patience? Oh yes, I hear you! Great kids for being patient when the Momma's down. Thanks for linking up!


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