Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ABC's of Homeschooling - T

This weeks letter is "T" and as a homeschooler the first "T" word I thought of was


As a homeschool Mom this is something that we are doing all the time. NONE-stop sometimes it seems.  We are always trying to teach our kid when they are not looking. I know that sounds funny but I can't tell how many times I have asked my son to add something up for me at the grocery store or read a sign out loud to me as I am driving. *Wink Wink* teaching all the time! Even when they are not looking. Using online games is a easy way to teach our children while they are playing. Dawn at The Momma Knows mentioned Timez Attack, that is a great example of teaching our kids when they are not looking. LOVE IT! 

Then there is when we actually sit down to teach our kids. You know the normal math, english, science and social studies. As a homeschool Mom I am always open to any ideas on how to teach my children. We are big on using curriculum online, we might even look into homeschool writing course soon. We have used art curriculum on line in the past my son really enjoyed it. 

Then there is teaching that is different but instead it is common sense teaching. Every parent teaches this from birth. We teach our children to sit up, how to put their hands down first when the fall, how to walk. Oh don't forget we teach potty training, too. This is a subject that we really need to work on in our house right now. We teach our children not to walk out into the street. We teach our children to make good choices. 

Teaching is not just for homeschoolers but for parents or even for adults that have children in their lives. 

Who have you taught lately? 

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