Friday, March 9, 2012

Chicken Adventures - Chicken Coop Remodeling

This past weekend we worked on remodeling the chicken coop we got real cheap! We chose to remodel it  because the bottom needed replaced and we wanted to lift it off the ground to make it easier to clean underneath. But to do that we had to trip off the top so that it would not be higher then the fence.

Here is the beginning of our remodel.  We will be working on it some more this weekend so I figured I would share what we have done so far. 

Taking the top off.

Finishing up taking the top off.

Fixing the bottom. Taking out the old broke wire and fixing the ladder step thing. I know I should know the names of these things but it is a chicken coop. It is what the chickens use to go up into the roost. 

Finished the bottom of and adding the benches that we had to lift it off the ground.

Moose doing the supervision.

Finishing the roof off.

 Here is the semi finished product. There is great ventilation under the roof along with now it is easy to clean underneath it. The only thing left we need to do is work on a run.

Want a sneak peep of what is to come....

We picked out the girls today!

Lil Momma Strouse

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  1. It looks like everything turned out really well. Now to start laying!


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