Thursday, February 7, 2013

What book is your child reading?

For the longest time Biggun would not read anything on his own for fun that is.  I would have to assign it as part of his school. There have been times that I have read out loud to him or we have listen to a book on CD.  When we did that we would follow those books up with English practice worksheets to confirm his reading comprehension. We have read Treasure Island and Charlotte's Web to name a few.

Now all of a sudden he is reading for his own for pleasure. Not a lot but it is a start. He spent the night with his friend Camo Boy a week or so ago and when it was bed time Camo Boy was reading his book. Biggun asked him to read out loud. (Yes that surprised me too.) Camo Boy went right along and started reading.  Biggun got so involved with the book he was listening to he came home and begged me to take him to the library and get the first book in the series. It took all I could do to keep from showing how excited I was over this request. The first chance we got we where at the library.

Oh! This book series is a version of Peter Pan. The first book in the series is Peter Pan and the Starcatchers by David Barry

I sent Biggun to bed last night and I got up to go to the bathroom about 30 minutes later and saw his bedroom light was on. I opened the door ready to get on to him and there he was reading his book, without being asked to read it. (Big smile) Instead of getting on to him I told him to finish the chapter and lights out.

Never thought I would say that. That is a lesson to me never say never! What book is your child reading? 

Lil Momma Strouse


  1. Isn't that a wonderful feeling?! The hubs and I are such avid readers that we were really worried when our oldest didn't want to read just of the fun of it, lol. It took time, and the right book, to get him interested. But, once he started, he never looked back. He reads all the time now! He's currently working on a fantasy series, Krondor's Sons, by the author Raymond Feist. :)



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