Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I am not a big fan of write an essay.  Teaching a child to write an essay is not a picnic for me either. My son, Biggun, has tried over the past two years or so to really improve on this.  In the fall he took a writing course at the co-op we went to.  I was so relieved to have someone else try to teach him how to write an essay.  Mrs. Betty did a great job. She got better results from him in 11 weeks then I had in the past few years. It could also have been having someone else is expecting greatness from my son instead of just plain ole mom. Then a few weeks ago Mrs. Betty assigned another paper for my son.  This time he had to go research things out. The assignment was to write a 2 page paper. (front and back)

  • Laws on damaging public property
  • Consequences for damaging public property
  • What does God think about this
  • What has he learned
He had one week to write this paper. He did not wait till the last minute. He got right to it. He (with a little, very little me) found the laws and consequences online for our area. The next day he looked all through the Bible for what God thinks about this. I was so impressed he found a great verse. (I did not help at all) and he shared what he had learned by doing this paper. All of it was done in very neat hand writing and 2 pages (front and back).  Even Mrs. Betty said it was the best paper he had ever written for her. I am so proud of him. I think I might ask Mrs. Betty to assign him a writing assignment once a month. I know that sounds mean. But if I can get him to write, I don't care who he writes for. Or maybe get him a writing tutor

(This assignment writing assignment was just that a writing assignment and NOT due to anything my son did.)

Lil Momma Strouse

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