Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Resource for Vocabulary and Spelling.

How many of you have kids who love to do word searches? I know my son would rather do a word search then copy his spelling/vocabulary words or even write sentences for those same words. One of the best tools I have found for creating word searches is on VocabularySpelling City. It is so easy to make a word search. Just follow the simple directions.

Word Search Printable Instructions: Unlike other printable word games on VocabularySpellingCity, Word Search may not be printed directly from the Games page. To create a printable word search, make your selections and click play. Once the word search puzzle appears on the screen, click the print button at the bottom of the grid.

It is as easy as that.  If you want to play the word search online you can do that too.  What resources do you use to help your kids with spelling/vocabulary words? 

Lil Momma Strouse

1 comment:

  1. SpellingCity is a huge resource in our homeschool! While it's still a battle to get my youngest to write *anything*, he does love the word search online. The crossword too. :)



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