Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life in the past week.

Looking back on my blog over the past few post it looks like all I have done is doodle. I promise life has been filled with lots more then that. 

We have had game night with the PPEA (Pinellas Parent Educators Association) 

We have had co-op for 2 of the 3 kids. Noticed this below... Must be a mom to a boy...

I have also driven up to Live Oak, where my Daddy is. We, my mom and I, got stuck in a horrible accident traffic. I pray for those involved and their families. 

No traffic coming the other way... Not a good sign. 

Sitting at 0 - 4 mph for over an hour and a half.

Traffic behind me moving at snail's pace.

This explains the back up for miles. Again pray for the people that where involved. 

Once we got past that traffic. My mom and I stopped for breakfast. 

We finally got to the cemetery to see the new headstone that was placed for my Daddy.

Isn't it beautiful! 

We have also done school during all of this time, too. Learning about force and motion for kids, algebraic expressions and reading the Scarlet Letter to name a few things we have done in school. 

As you can see we are busy, busy, busy. 

Lil Momma Strouse


  1. This time of year seems extra busy for everyone! :) Hope you have a great week this week...


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