Saturday, November 2, 2013

Persuasive Argument Writing

I am not a fan of teaching writing and Biggun has all kinds of writing assignments. Not just for me but sometimes for co-op, too. He needs all the writing homework help he can get.

In co-op he has to write something on a General from World War II.  He is excited about this as he loves history, he wants to learn more about General Patton and says it should be a breeze.

But his curriculum also has another assignment that is a little more challenging. His other writing assignment is to write a pervasive argument paragraph on something he feels strongly about. That should not be hard as he is a teenager and feels strongly about a lot of things that he does not want to do.

In brain storming here are some of the ideas he has come up with are...

"Why my cell phone should not be taken away from me"
"The reason for NOT wanting to clean my room."
"Why do I have to mow the yard when the grass is not that tall."

I am not sure what his subject is going to be yet but it should be interesting.

Lil Momma Strouse

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