Sunday, January 12, 2014

"Not Ready"

I just have to say as a mom being the teacher to my children is one of the most rewarding and frustrating jobs anyone can ever have.  I love seeing the light come on in my kids eyes. Sometimes getting to that point can be very frustrating. In all the years of homeschooling (since 2003) I learned to see that frustration can also mean something else.

Frustration can also mean "Not Ready" 

What do I mean by not ready. When I am getting frustrated with my kids cause they are not catching on to a concept that I have taught over and over and over AND over again.

 I have to step back and ask are they being lazy or just not ready yet?

I pushed Biggun to hard in the beginning with his reading fluency and vocabulary word and I am seeing it has effected his attitude toward school. I have not pushed so hard with Honey and let her move at her own pace. I am seeing the fruits of my labor.  Granted she is not at the same level as others her age, BUT I am NOT comparing my children to others. She is moving at a perfect level for her. Instead of fighting with her and getting frustrated I have let her move at her own pace. I have been pleasantly surprised since we started up after the holidays. That things that where not clicking are starting to click. 

I might have this homeschooling down by the time Moose graduate in 2026!

Lil Momma Strouse

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