Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Use the WHOLE house.

Doing school in different areas of the house has always been normal for us. I know there are some homeschoolers who do school at the table or in a certain room ONLY.  

But for us we do school ALL OVER, the most common place for us to do school is on my king size bed. I know strange place but it works. That is not the only place for school work to be done. 

This past week we did wall school. 

What is wall school? It is when you do school work on the wall of course. I know silly, right? But Honey has been doing so good on her math I wanted her to have some extra fun. She loves to draw, write, doodle (she is her momma's daughter) and what more fun then to write on a big piece of paper.  This wall is in my dinning room/living room combo area. 

I know of some people who have dry erase boards low for their kids to write on and use for school. In fact we used to have one for Biggun on that used to lean on that exact wall. Not sure what happen to that board. We also have a chalk board on our pantry door, in the kitchen, that has been used for many different things over the years. 

Below is what our door look like today. The white square on the bottom is a hole that I covered to keep kids from getting scratched while they use the board. 

Here is an example of a chalk board being used in a home of a fellow homeschoolers, TheJoyfulChaos. I would love to do this with a full wall. But not sure where we would put it.

Here is TheJoyfulChaos's chalk board wall in action. 

Oh one more from the TheJoyfulChaos just for fun! 

That leads me to think of more alternative ways we might do school through out the day. 
Having your child do school work in different ways really can help a child to focus. I have been told by those who homeschool ADD/ADHD child that standing can help them focus. My kids do not have either of those but standing is always an option in our house. Every home has its own homeschool learning style ours is anything works. 

Where do you do school work? Do you do school in the same area everyday? Do you sit, stand even lay down? I would love to know, leave a comment and share with me. 

Lil Momma Strouse

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  1. Awesome ideas! When my son was in physical/occupational therapy they would have him write on a dry erase board. Very good for the arm muscles and for fine motor skills. I think I may need to start that back up with my duo!


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