Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mine update (Binki Update)

Honey Bear went to the Ped's Dr. on Feb 23 and took all her Mine's (binnkis) with her.  She gave them to Dr. J. In turn Dr. J. said he would pass them on to needy babies.  Since she was such a big girl being 3 years old and all she did not need them anymore. 

The first night was horrible.  She cried and whimpered for 2 hours until she fell asleep. She would cry "Why Dr. J, why you give mine's to babies?"  This was so sad yet funny at the same time. The next night she only asked a few times for her beloved Mine's.  Same questions would be asked, "Why Dr. J, why you give mine's to babies?"
Each night there after she would ask at least 1 time for her Mine's.

Well it has been 21 days since that big day that we left them w/ Dr. J.  She stopped asking for her Mine's at night about day 15. God is good she is such a big girl.

BUT today what does she find in the bottom of a toy box but a MINE!!!!! Oh, no.  She brought it to me showed it to me, sucked on it for a second then handed it to me and told met to give it to Dr. J. for the babies.

I just wanted to cry.... My baby is growing up!!!!!

Lil' Momma

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