Friday, May 28, 2010

Five Question Friday

This is my first time to participate in Five Question Friday.  I hope I can do it more often.  It is a great way to get to know me. I hope ya'll enjoy.

1. Is there something you've always wanted to try but just can't muster up the courage to actually do yet?

Not that I have not mustered the courage to do it but I have always wanted to give birth naturally.  I have had 3 c-sections and would love to know how it feels to give birth the way God intended. 

2. If you had $100 handed to you in cash without your significant other knowing about it, what would you spend it on?

Pay my 10 year olds Scout Camp balance.  We are trying to figure out where that money is coming from.  

If I HAD to spend it on myself.  I would sign up for 3 massages.  To help get rid of my headaches!!!

3. What was your favorite piece of playground equipment as a child?
Swings - I could spend hours on the swings.

4. Do you prefer a sweet or hearty breakfast?
Sweet - Fray's Donuts are the best!!! Chocolate Ice Rings are the BEST!

5. Are you a Neat Freak or a Messy Bessy?
How about a lived in kind of girl.  So I guess that means a Messy Bessy.  I don't have time to waist on being obsessed about neatness. 

Lil' Momma

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