Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bible Reading

Biggun has been reading through the Day by Day Kid's Bible
Day by Day Kid's Bible: The Bible for Young Readers (Tyndale Kids) 
This is great for young readers.  This book says it only takes 7 minutes a day but w/ my struggling reader it takes a little longer but he really enjoys it.  I love that there is a nice colored glossy time line in the middle of this bible. The bible is written in a story form and makes it easier for kids to understand, sorta like The Message. 
The other day I asked him to read it out loud to me.  I love to hear my son read out loud.  Does a Mom's heart good to hear her children read.  But as he was reading he kept stumbling over words like I'll, they'll, and you'll.  I realized we needed to go back and teach contractions again. That should not be so hard with as many great online games, I am sure I can find some contraction games online. 

Oh as I sit here writing this blog, I am flipping through this book and see there are some other great features of this book.  There is a list of 100 Main Events, Passages and Teachings, there is a 100 Favorite Bedtime Stories, there is a list of 100 stories to talk about with your family.  What a great book to have in our family.  Now to help my son remember to read it daily.

Lil' Momma

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