Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Fun

We had some summer fun today.  Honey Bear and her friend Miss Beautiful had lots of fun playing in the kiddie pool in our back yard today.  After about a half hour of playing in clean water they decided to turn it into muddy water.  They played for another 1 1/2 making mud pies and having a blast.

Moose was outside w/ them before they got to muddy but he was so tired he came in got cleaned up and passed out....

Biggun was at a friends house most of the day so he did not get to enjoy this summer fun. 

The best part about this was that I was able to sit at my kitchen table, in the a/c work on my part time job project and WATCH through my sliding glass doors these two littles girls get messy as they could.  I on the other hand did not get messy at all.  Some days it is good just to watch!

Lil' Momma

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