Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun for All

In the past few days we have had a lot of fun with the littles. Just the other day we used bingo markers to create beautiful banner type art work.  Honey loves using these markers. Moose just loves to hold them, he is still working on knowing how to turn them over to paint with them.

We also have been playing with all kinds of fun new (new to my kids) toys.  Gamma cleaned out her school toys and gave my kids a drum FULL of music instruments.  The littles have been wanting to play with them but I have had to many headaches.  I did not have a headache today so we pulled them out.  Oh what fun they had.

The drumming made me think of reading a book w/ music sounds as we read.  We grabbed "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen. 
We're Going on a Bear Hunt: Anniversary Edition of a Modern Classic

We had lots of fun reading the story and swishing through the grass w/ the sand paper blocks and going through the snow with the sound of a tambourine to give you some examples of what we did.  This whole activity was the main talk at our dinner table tonight! And I did not think the littles were paying that much attention to the actual book due to the instruments.  But Honey told her Daddy all about the bear and the family.

Fun for Biggun this week was introducing him to some online keyboarding games.  He has really enjoyed them.  Biggun really needs to improve his typing, he does a lot pecking and if typing is so important into day's world, then he needs to practice correctly more.  These game take the learning and turn it into fun! Oh! look what I found today on some printable handwriting worksheets. They have print, D'Nealian, cursive and more.  I want Biggun to practice more on his cursive and this might just be the FREE way to do it. Got to love FREE.
Lil' Momma

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