Monday, September 13, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday 9-14-10

We made cup cakes, after Honey begged and begged for them.  We had the small plate of cupcakes sitting on the counter. I had planned on putting them away before I went to bed.  But before I could, Honey came to me and said

"Mommy, you get a paper and write No Ants and No Flies. "

Now we don't have ants or flies so I am not sure where that came from.  But the girl seemed to think that both ants and flies could read. Who new?


Biggun and Honey talking about birds.

Biggun - A chicken is a bird.
Honey - NO! a chicken is a CHICKEN not a bird!

Aren't you glad Honey cleared that up for you?

Lil' Momma


  1. glad to clear up that misconception :)

    It always cracks me up when they say something so random, like the flies comment.

    LOL! Happy TTT!

  2. I love the things kids say - and the ants and flies sign is hilarious!

  3. Just stopping by with Tiny Talk Tuesday. I love the comment about the sign for the flies and the ants. She wanted to protect those cupcakes!
    Thought it was cool that your two youngest are the same age as two of my girls. If you have a chance I invite you to stop on over and have a look around my blog.

  4. Love the sign for the ants and flies! And the bird clarification... I love that they know soo much:) FUN!!


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