Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday 9-28-10

Honey went around for about an hour whining ....

My pants are crazy.

When I asked her to explain.

She says My pants are crazy. and held her head.
I said your pants are driving you crazy.
She says Yes my pants are crazy.
Her pants were "riding" her the wrong way and driving her crazy.


Honey - I get big I grow babies in my tummy this big (holding hands up in the air about about half a foot apart)
I get big I make milk and feed my babies.


Honey - Came to me after she took and colored her face with chalk.

"I a mermaid!"

(not sure why chalk would make her a mermaid but it sure was cute.)

Lil' Momma


  1. my 4 year old always says her pants or socks or shirt is CRAZY if it is bothering her! how funny!

  2. hehe adorable! Love the mermaid picture :-) The first time I read the pants story I'm not sure why I thought it said parents ha!

  3. These are cute, love the one with her pants being crazy!


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