Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flexible Learning

Homeschooling means having a flexible learning program.  Being able to change your approach if need be.  Being able to add if need be. Let me share this past year as has been very flexible!! Our year started off w/ Big Daddy in a motorcycle accident that sorta slowed everything down.  Thankfully Biggun was a trooper and kept on going thanks to
He would do his school when I did not even realize he was doing it. 
I have had headache issues, stress/tenntion related. Tried to potty train. Have failed in that area so far.  Trying to wean a little one from nursing.  Still working on that. Had the dental issue w/ Moose (that started about 2 months ago)

It has been nice to do school in small chunks and then in bigger chunks when time allows.  I don't know how we would have survived this year if we had to deal with going to school and doing homework every night. 

 Biggun even helps deal w/ Moose while doing his school work.  He can be such a good big brother!

What does Flexible Learning look like in your house?

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