Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moose and his tooth.

Long day not even sure where to begin. But I will try with...

This is a beautiful picture that is at the pediatric dentist office we were at today.  This is a very bright colorful dental office. Moose needed to have a front tooth fixed. We started off in a tv room where they gave my little guy some meds to make him relax.

Here he is watching Curious George while waiting for the meds to kick in.

Here he is w/ the meds kicked in. Real sleepy. Even being sleepy he still cried when they took him back.  Oh it broke my heart to hear. I just sat there and waited, I talked to my friend D. on IM and then  I decided i would take more pics to keep my mind off it all.
Here are some of the pics of the room I took.

This is one of like 3 big items hanging from the ceiling.  
The camera phone did not do this chair justice. It is BRIGHT green.
 This was the carpet that not only was bright colors but different textures.

Well after about 20 minutes of me going crazy they called me out to pay my bill then my boy would be ready.  When I turned around from the Dentist came out of this room that closed the door took a deep breath and moved on to the open area rooms. Oh no was my thought.  They took me through that door to find someone standing there holding my sweet boy as he still gulp breathed.  There were a total of 4 ladies in this room.  They said he was a wiggle worm but the tooth was fixed. On a side note his tooth looks beautiful.

But as we left the dentist he would not let me him in the van.  He kept holding on to my neck.  Still gulp breathing w/ a little bit of cry in there. After about 5 minutes of talking to this sweet drowsy boy I gave him MY drink, there is something about Mommies drink, you know the one you are not allowed to have that makes things a little better.
We then went to Target to see about a little toy for being such a big boy.  Yeah I know I am a wimp and felt really bad about all the trauma the poor boy was in.  Can I say an HOUR later he still had the upset hick ups.

See how droopy his eyes look he was so out of it.  No that is not swollen cheeks or a bruise on his mouth, he had food in his mouth and had drank a blue icee.

Oh and here is the most annoying toy my droopy eyed boy could have chosen at the store. It plays the most LOUD annoying song as it revs up to roll across the floor. 

Let me stop hear and say that any parenting choice I made to have my son be taken to another room to have his tooth fixed w/o me being there is NOT up for comment or discussion.  Family dentist would not look at his tooth and Ped's dentist will not let you go back.  I had not other choice.  So please keep any and ALL negative comments to yourself.  Thank you.

On a side note after all this CRAZY stuff my mother in law was admitted into the hospital w/ possible heart issues.  We are still waiting to find out the details.  Please keep her in prayer.  Thank you!

Lil' Momma

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