Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Homeschool Question Answered

I have been asked a few questions about homeschooling.  I thought I would take a second to answer one of those questions today. 

"What kind of 'testing' does your child have to take when they are homeschooled?"

The answer to this question is different for all states. I can only answer for the state of Florida.  In the state of Florida you have two options...

An evaluation is a review of your child’s work and progress for the year.  The evaluator will meet with your child and ask them about the work they did.  They will also review your portfolio (it helps to see what your child has been working on).  You will need to bring BOTH your portfolio AND your child to an evaluation.
Testers usually administer a standardized test to your child, either in a classroom setting or one on one.  SAT and ACT scores would meet the testing requirement, if your child has taken those tests.  You will receive the actual test scores if you choose this method of testing.  The FCAT is not recommended as a testing choice.  Although it is free, remember that the public schools have been doing test review all year and you probably have not done the same review.

For a complete list of state by state testing check out: State Standardized Testing.

Some info from above was found at the PPEA website.
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  1. You're lucky. In Pa we have to have an evaluation AND testing. The testing is in 3, 5 and 8 grade. Evaluation is every year.


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