Sunday, November 21, 2010

True Couponing Week 2

Week Two of the 12 week challenge. I started clipping/printing coupons on Thursday and finished up on Friday night tweeking my list and all. So I was ready for Saturday.

First I must say I am disappointed in Publix.  They are getting pickier on what compeditor coupons they take.  I was under the understanding they will take any grocery store coupon.  What makes a grocery store a true grocery store. The store must sell meat and produce to be considered a true grocery store.  This past week there was a $5. off $50 purchase that you could print for a grocery store called GFS Market Place. The closest store is in St. Pete. So that is close enough to me, so I thought.  My Publix will not take those coupons. They will only take Sweet Bay, Winn Dixie and Target.  So I lost $10. right off the top.

Here is what I did....

Here is what I paid final after any coupons I used...

Mullers Pasta 4 box for 7 ¢ each (Reg$1.17 each)
Uncle Ben's Rice 4 boxes FREE (BOGO sale and BOGO coupon) (Reg $1.99each)
International Coffee 2 cans for 99¢c each (Reg $2.99)
Planters Nuts $2.49 each (Reg$4.29 each)
Chex Cereal $1.25 each (Reg $3.49 each)
Triscuits/Wheat Thins 64¢ each (Reg $2.79 each)
Mt Olive Dill Pickles $1.15 each (Reg $2.79 each)
Zip Lock Bags $1.72 each (Reg $2.83 each)
Coffee Mate Creamer $1.95 each (Reg $3.45 each)
Sour Cream 45¢ each (Reg $1.50 each)
Carrots where on sale not sure why they are in the picture.  Oops

Bounty Paper Towels $5.99 (Reg $8.99 each)
Tyson Chicken Nuggets $3.99 each (Reg $6.59 each)
Ricola 39¢each (Reg $1.79 each)

But my best deal is I got PAID 1¢ for each of these packages of yogurt.

While I was at the store they had a taste tester gal there who was giving out taste of this yogurt.  My littles loved it.  She gave me 1 coupon for $3.00 off.  I asked for a few more and she only would give me one more since I had two kids.  So I got paid 2¢ for the above picture!  I a friend of mine who was at the store got me one more coupon and handed it to me as I was walking out the store.  I will use it next week.

So that is was my deals....
If I had paid full price w/o any coupons or bogo's or sale's period I would have paid....
But I paid $43.53 minus the 2¢ I was paid to get the yogurt I paid $43.51. for all of that food.

I did take advantage of some of the other deals like the buy the soda buy 3 get 1 free.  We take advantage of that deal all the time. I purchased a few other things that were BOGO but they did not have a coupon w/ them so I did not list them.  I did try not to buy anything that was not on sale.

(Edit: I used 34 coupons on this trip.  Not all where for the items above. Some where on diapers and on Moose's birthday cake.)

Lil' Momma

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