Saturday, November 13, 2010

True Couponing Week 1

 A few months ago there was a news report about this Mom, Kati, who was saving all kinds of money by clipping coupons and she was offering FREE seminar to learn how.  The only bad news was that this seminar was about an hour away. Well I started following the website and praying that God would bring this Kati and her partners to my area. God answered my prayers and they were scheduled to be in my area Nov 8. I started saving my coupons in October so that I could maybe start off on the right foot after the seminar.

Not only are Kati and her gals are mom's wives, Christians, but they homeschool too.  How cool is that?

The one thing that stood out in my mind was that they stated the coupons that are in the newspaper today really will not be most beneficial for a month or so to get the best deal.  See the store expects you to use that coupon the week it comes in the paper, then next week it will put that item on sale for like 30% off; then in a few more weeks maybe on sale for 40% off then in a week or two later it will be at its rock bottom price 50% off (or bogo) or more. And if you held onto your coupons you will get the best deal. 

The trick is to not give up while learning the system. 

So I along with a ton of other ladies in our area are all trying to learn this new system in an attempt to save our families money.  I will try to share each week how I do.  My goal is to get my $200 worth of weekly groceries down to $50 a week

Since this is week one, I will just share the few deals I got, I only have 3 weeks worth of coupons put back.  Oh that is another thing.  My newspaper subscriptions start tomorrow.  I will be getting 2 papers (2 sets of coupons) to start.  The girls at True Couponing recommend you get 1 paper for each person in your family but if you want to keep them even in number for BOGO items you would need to round that up to an even number.  I should be getting 6 papers on Sunday, BUT for now I will start w/ 2 to see how things go.

Remember I only had a few deals, but a good start to learning the system and filling my pantry.

(Q = coupon)
Wisk on sale for $4.49 used a $2.00 Q and $1.00 Target Q = $1.49 for 1
Glad Candle - BOGO used a $1.50/2 Q = paid $1.50 for 2
Ronzoni Pasta - BOGO used 2 55/1 Q = paid 29¢ paid for 2
Stove Top Stuffing - 99¢ used $1.00/2 = paid 99¢ for 2

I did not need any of these items this week but I only paid $4.27 for all of that and that is almost the same price as the Wisk that was on sale! So there is my start, I can see where it will get better. 

Lil' Momma

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  1. Looks like you're off to a good start! By the way, if you hit a WalMart on a Monday you can get two leftover Sunday papers for the price of one. What's nice here is that once you get into a rhythm you'll end up with a nicely stocked pantry that'll be ready for anything, even hurricanes and job loss.


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