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Dec 28, 2009

A year ago on Dec 28, 2009; was the worst day of my life thus far.  I recieved a call in the one o'clock hour from someone I did not know but they were on my husband's phone.  On the other end of the call they said.

This is (name don't remember) I am here w/ your husband and we are on our way to Northside Hospital, he has been in a motorcycle accident.
Me - What ? Steve quit joking around! (I thought it was one of my husbands friend being mean)
Er Guy - Ma'am I don't joke about these things.  Your husband is ok, but we are headed to Northside Hosptial.  Do you know where that is?
Me - Really? really? really? yes i know where that is.
Er Guy - You can meet us there. And bring a change of pants for your husband.
Me - Yes, O'my, Lord help him.
Er Guy - Ma'am he wants to talk to you.
Me - Yes, yes, yes, yes,
Jay - Hi babe, I am ok, I will see you at the hospital. I LOVE YOU!
Me - I love you, too, I love you, I love you. On my way.

I got off the phone and called Uncle K, told him Big Daddy had been in a motorcycle accident and I needed him for the kids NOW.

I hung up w/ him paced the floor while I called my Pa, my dad, and told him.  Pa told me to take a deep breath and he would meet me there at the hospital.

I hung up w/ him and called my Ma. told her and she said she would meet me at the hospital, too.

Uncle K walked in the door, I told Uncle K, "He told me he loved me" I then passed Moose off to him and walked back out the door.

On my drive to the hospital, which was only about 5 minutes away from our home, thank goodness, I called my friend Dee. I told her and kept saying over and over and over and over and over "He told me he loved me." "He told me he loved me" "He told me he loved me"

I got to the ER at the same time Pa and Ma got there. Then we had to wait 30 minutes before they let me back to see him.  That was the LONGEST wait ever! All I kept telling my parents was he told me "He loved me"

When they finally let me go back Pa went w/ me.  We found Big Daddy laying on a table in the hallway in front of the nurses station. We were told there was no rooms available yet and he would be moved when one was available.  He was awake and was able to talk to me.  He was laying on his side w/ a sheet covering his lower half. I could see he still had his jeans on but when I looked under the sheet his jeans had been ripped pretty bad and his boots were off.

He was still had on all his layers from riding the bike except his jacket.  That was a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt and his work shirt. He was sweating a lot. He kept saying his back and butt hurt. We stood in the walk way for about 15 - 20 minutes before they came and took him for a cat scan of his back. We had to go back out in the waiting room then they called us back again, he was in a room this time. He was still sweating from his layers.  We asked a nurse if we could take his shirts off and that nurse said hold on let me get your nurse. No nurse wanted to take claim of my husband, how aggravating.  Finally a different nurse came in and I said do you have a pair of scissors so we can cut his shirt off. He needs to get his shirts off he is hot. Now Big Daddy could not move very well at this point. He was in to much pain. So we cut his top shirt off and were able to get the second long sleeve shirt off over his head.

Things got a little confusing after that. No one really came back in to talk to us except to tell us that he had a small issue w/ his back, a compression fracture but could go home just follow up w/ the a Orthopedic Dr. Like it was no big deal that there was a FRACTURE in his BACK.  No one helped change him out of his torn pants. Remember I had brought extra clothes that the Ambulance Guy had said to bring.  They sent him home w/ pain meds and a script to follow up. They did not even have a nurse walk us out. Can you believe that.  The man had a broken back and they sent him home. He did not even ride in a wheel chair to leave it hurt to much to get up and sit down.  I tied his long sleeve shirt around his waist so the world would not see his torn pants and he walked out w/ help from myself and Pa.

I got him home very carefully.  When I got him home he went right to getting his pants changed and getting him all cleaned up.  This was a painful thing but we both made it through. When I cut his jeans off of him, I found a huge hematoma on his butt and bend of his upper leg.  Yeah if the hospital had done their job and cleaned him up and taken his torn jeans off they would have seen that.  When I got him all cleaned up and settled I got the story on what had happened.

Big Daddy was driving home and slowed down to get into a turn lane but was not at the turn lane just yet. When a work pick up truck came across 3 lanes of traffic on the right hand side of the road to turn left.  In doing this he did not see Big Daddy coming.  Big Daddy laid the bike down on its side.  He slid under the pick up truck. When he laid the bike down that was how he ended up w/ the hematoma where he hit the concrete and his pants tore.  That was also how he broke his back.

After that day we have been from Dr. apt to another.

When we followed up w/ the orthopedic and had a MRI done of his back we found that he went from a compression fracture (where the bone is compressed) to a burst fracture. The best way to describe a burst fracture is if you hold a gum ball and smash it. Now look at those white lines you see through the candy shell. That was Big Daddy's back.

He was in the wrong back brace for 2 weeks.  Finally got the back brace that the Dr. wanted. It was NO fun.

He wore this awful thing for almost 4 months.  He had to use a cane the first month or so. Until he was able keep his balance and get his strength.  It has been a very long recovery.  He did go back to work on May 27th. But he still has pain daily from all of this some days are better then others.  But being the wonderful husband that he is, he works hard to take care of his family.

We have a lot to be thankful for most of all Big Daddy is alive.  This could have been the day he chose to not wear his helmet but he had it on!

This is a hard day for our family but w/ God on our side we will get through it.  We are going to FOCUS on 2011.

November 2010

Lil' Momma


  1. Praise the Lord for HIS restoration and healing. I remember driving down to the hospital and sitting in the waiting room praying. What a blessing to see all that God has done in your sweet husbands life over the past year. All of your lives;-)

    Love You,
    Mary XOXO


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