Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

I started this post at the end of November, knowing it will take me the whole month of December to make sure I did not forget all that has in 2010 and there were some times I would LOVE to forget. So lets begin with how our 2009 ended.

(On Dec 28, 2009 our world changed when Big Daddy was in a motorcycle accident.)

Jan 2010 included
painful beginning of recovery
learned Big Daddy had a compression fracture in his lower back
was put in a frame brace for 2 weeks all to learn that it was the wrong brace
MRI showed it was not a compression fracture but a burst fracture in his lower back
new brace more like a torso brace for many months to come.
Our washer broke, but God provided a replacement!

Feb 2010 included
Moved my blog over to blogger.
Enjoyed a nice Ladies Bible Study on "The Excellent Wife"
Got the motorcycle back after just under $5000. in repairs was done on it.
Noticed I started having lots of headaches.
Had a nice Valentines Date Night at church w/ Big Daddy.
Biggun crossed over from cub scouts to boy scouts.
Honey gave up her binki.
Honey turned 3 years old

March 2010 included
Figured that my headaches might be either cluster or migraine headaches.
Biggun was in an Easter play at church.
Enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt at Feather Sound Church.
Lil Momma started working part time for

April 2010 included
Big Daddy had a birthday
Biggun crossed over from cub to boy scouts.
Moose got his first buzz hair cut.

May 2010 included
Lil Momma facilitated the Pinellas County's largest Used Book Sale
Lil Momma had a birthday
Met the Pioneer Woman in person!!!
Found a snake IN my house.
Nephew was in a bad motocross accident (doing good now 12/10)
Tried to potty train Honey, no luck girl is stubborn.
Started using E-Mealz.
Big Daddy transitions back into work the last week of the month.

June 2010 included
Biggun turned 11 years old
Biggun went to boyscout camp for a week for the first time.
Had a great VBS at church, reached our goal of BLUE hair for the Pastor.
Fun Drum time at the Library.
Set the stove top on fire.

July 2010 included
Celebrated 17 years of marriage!
Honey broke Lil Momma's camera.
Honey put RED ink all over Aunt C's couch.
Fasted from Facebook for a week in prayer for our church.
Was a guest at a beautiful wedding. Congrats M&J.

Aug 2010 included
Joined Netflix.
Enjoyed a funny Ladies Bible Study Series.
Big Daddy came down with Shingles.
Lil Momma got those cool color tabs for her bible.
Laundry room door flooded from the outside in.

Sept 2010 included
Biggun dissected an owl pellet.
Enjoyed a Family Picnic w/ our church.
Had to do major repairs on Big Daddy's pick up.
Enjoyed leading a Ladies Bible Study Series.
Biggun tried to teach me to play chess. (still lost)

Oct 2010 included
Lil Momma got a Sinus/Ear/Chest Infection
Enjoyed the new Children's Museum .
Got a Glider Rocker Bench for the front yard!!!!
Was rear ended at a stop sign.
Visited Lil Momma's Grandmother S.
Big Daddy's mother spent time in hospital (4 days)

Nov 2010 included
Enjoyed a seminar called True Couponing, started the 12 week challenge.
Big Daddy had his test shots or nerve block.
Lil Momma was hit with an allergic reaction similar to that she had when both littles where first born. (NOT FUN)
Moose turned 2 years old
We were hit with the worst puke/diarrhea sickness our family has ever seen 3 out of 5 caught it.
Missed Thanksgiving due to sickness.

Dec 2010 included
Learned Big Daddy's nerve block test was not a success. On to plan b. if there is a plan b.
Went to the Scout Troop 337 Court of Honor.
Honey and Moose got a fever/cough/snotty nose cold the week before Christmas.
Had last minute warranty work done on the laptop before the warranty expired.
Won a blog give away.
Started to have success potty training my sweet Honey!!!
Ended the year w/ head/chest colds.

We will be FOCUSing in the new year!

Lil' Momma

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