Friday, February 18, 2011

Cursive Writing in Schools Today...

I was talking to a friend recently, that teaches for the public school system.  We got to talking about cursive writing.  I asked her what grade do they start to teach it at her school.  Her response surprised me.  She said that it is up to each individual teacher if they "WANT" to teach cursive.  She then added that most of them don't have time to teach it. Out of all the teachers at her school there were only 2 that she new of that taught cursive writing.  That is sad to me.  I know we don't really push cursive in our house. All children do need to exposed to cursive writing.  But Biggun can for the most part write all the letters in cursive and read cursive.  So we have covered it.  We have used handwriting worksheets   among other things and it has worked for us.

I love to use homeschool printables to help out in areas that we touch on here and there. Or even on areas that we need extra help in.  It would be nice if the public schools in our area would do simple worksheets with their kids just so they have some introduction to cursive.  I know we are in the computer age and hand written letters are going out the window but come on our kids need to have all the info they can get to help them survive in today's world.

Lil' Momma

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