Sunday, April 17, 2011

Roller Coaster Called My Life...

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My life has been one roller coaster ride after another lately.  So let me see if I can catch you up on this wild, not so fun ride.

First my mil is back in the hospital she had been out since March 10.  She was doing good w/ her rehab and had gotten most of her strength back.  But now her pulse is real low and they are talking a pace maker to help this.

Second my headaches.  For years now I have had headaches.  These headaches will come on and last for a few days or a few weeks. This last headache I have had started on March 29th and well it is still here.  They are not migraines in that I don't get sick or have any of the other symptoms  that go with migraines. From all the research I have done it sounds like cluster headaches but then I am not the Dr.

 I had gone to my primary back in October about them and gave me a list of things to try since I was still night nursing Moose.  Once I was done w/ the night nursing and he was weaned completely come back and see him.  He told me to get my eyes examined, try to relax, get a massage, and try to get rid of my stress.  I got my eyes examined and got new glasses.  Tried to relax and rid myself of stress well those sorta are really really heard in my life right now.  I did get a massage!  It was wonderful but w/ in hours of the massage my headache came back.  :^(  Moose has been weaned for about 3 weeks now.  This is sad for me knowing his is my last baby but good cause I can move forward w/ dealing with my headaches. My hormones should be getting back to normal and I now have an appointment to see a Neurologist on May 5th.  Praying that there will be some answers about these headaches soon.  I am really tired of living with them.

Third is work/volunteer work.  My work schedule has changed a little in the past few weeks. I have been given more responsibilities w/ which I love! It is also the time of year when I organize the PPEA Used Book Sale.  This is the largest used book sale in our area.  I love doing this and it is only once a year but this year it has taken extra from me due to my mil and my headaches.

Oh and then there is being a wife, mother and teacher to add to it.  So goes the roller coaster ride called my life!

Lil' Momma

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