Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I love to see my son grow.  I know that sounds strange, don't we all love to see our kids grow?  Let me explain why I said I love to see my son grow.

When Biggun was younger he learned the letters of the alphabet and the sounds easy. But that was it.  Putting all those letters and sounds together to read has been a real struggle.  He has shown signs of being Dyslexic.  Having him tested was just out of our price range. So I would teach as though I was homeschooling a dyslexia child.  This was using multiple approaches to teaching.  Using all the senses to learn to read.

Now that you have some background let me explain what I saw in my son in the past week.  Biggun always had trouble doing wordsearch games. This type of games just made his brian go into over drive and shut down.  The letters would run together and he would just fall apart.

 In the past week I caught Biggun online playing wordsearch type games. He was doing great!!! I can see how much that he has grown. No more falling apart because he can't find the word. Instead he has gotten to the end and asked for help when he had one or two words he could just not find. (usually words that have b and d's in them)

Lil' Momma

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