Thursday, August 25, 2011

Putting Others First

I was sent a copy of Chuck Swindoll's - Paws & Tales Putting Others First dvd, in return for an honest review.  To be honest this is a great dvd. My family thinks it is a great addition to our movie library.

Let me start by saying my kids loved this video.  They all say very still for the whole thing.  When it was over we where able to have a nice LONG conversation about putting others first.  That to me is a major plus for me.  My kids just loved the music too.  I have two littles (4&2) and they danced and danced to it.    The bonus features with teaching resources is wonderful.  Not just for parents but if you had this at church it would be great to use in after care or even in Sunday School if this is the topic you where covering.  I would recommend this dvd.  So would my kids!
Lil' Momma

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