Thursday, January 19, 2012

ABC's of Homeschooling -- M

How many different names do your children call you?

or how about 

This sweet looking little girl calls me MOTHER.


Not Mom, not Mommy, not Momma but Mother.  I am not sure what caused her to start doing that but that is what she calls me and it is a little strange to me.

My oldest Biggun calls me Mom and my youngest calls me Mommeee, (lots of e's in his Mommy.)

She will still call me Momma when she is not thinking about it. But when she is being told to do something she will respond with "Yes Mother" or "Mother can I have..."  I have been tutoring her to go back to Mom or Momma. You know coaxing her to say the other, we will see in time.  No matter what this will be a great story for her children when she grows up.

I know I should not be shocked because as I grew up I called my mom, Woman.  Okay before you start leaving nasty comments. Let me explain.  When you are in a crowed store and you say Mom, everyone looks except MY mom. When you call her by her whole real name, she never looked. But when you called her Woman, she would turn her head every time.  She did not count it as being rude it just always has been.  My Mom calls my Granny, Lady.  This might be where I get my Woman from who knows. But it works for our family.  Oh and the word Woman was used in the bible for a name also. It was a term of endearment not being rude.


I could be using word abbreviations for my mom.  I once heard someone call their mom, Mrs. That was it just Mrs., like it was formal. It took me a while to realize that they where not going to say more with the name, just Mrs. I am not talking about a husband, either (You know how a husband might call his wife, the Mrs.'s. But a child calling their mom, Mrs.

 What do your children call you?

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Lil' Momma


  1. My children call me Mom. They both started off with Momma, then Mommy and now we are at Mom. It was just a natural progression, it just seem to happen. Sometimes, my oldest, will call me Mother. But he is usually being silly about it. Why have you been tutoring her to go back to Mom or Momma? Just curious. These are great stories to have. My Mom use to call me and my sister's her "Three C's", as she could never keep our names straight! I always called her Mom. Now we all call her Gram. Funny how I never thought about it before, as that too just seem to happen!

  2. CM Slaughter - I guess tutoring was not the right word. I am encouraging her to use Momma or Mom. But I really am okay with her calling me Mother.


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