Monday, January 2, 2012

Co Sleeping

Some people would never co sleep with their babies/children.  As my family is the first to share their opinions that they did not agree with this as we chose to do this. But from the moment that Biggun moved in my belly all I ever wanted to do was to have him sleep on my chest as a baby skin to skin.

I will never forget that his birth was so not what we expected, emergency c-section. When I was out of recovery my nurse put up such a fight in letting me have him on my chest due to the pain meds they had me on. But my mother stood up to her and said that I had waited 9 months to have that baby lay skin to skin and that is exactly what her daughter was going to do with her grandson. My mom stood watch over both of us to make sure that we where both OK that first night.

When we got home we fell into a routine of co sleeping/the family bed. Just when we had gotten Biggun out of our bed then Honey was born. Now for the past 4 years I have had a child in my bed co sleeping. But the Friday before Christmas we got the littles both their own beds. Honey has taken to hers very well. She is will sleep till about 6 or 7 am and then come into my bed, which is pretty good. I am OK with that.

Moose is having a harder time. He will only sleep for a few hours and I am OK with that too. To be honest so far I do not sleep soundly until Moose comes into my bed. See for the past 4 years I have had a child in my bed snuggling and co-sleeping and now I have to re-train myself too.

As I write this blog post I am thinking of how this next year, 2012, will be the year that my baby starts to really grow up. My very last baby. He will be potty trained and sleeping in his own bed by this time next year.  I am happy and sad at the same time. He will be growing up yet, it is hard on my heart to see my last baby grow. It seems so fast too.

Lil' Momma

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  1. Hi! Thanks for coming to visit us in the Hearthroom! I just wanted to say hi but then found this post and had to say I'm totally with you! Every baby is different but co sleeping has been good for us! Hugs...


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